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The Afro-Latino Experience Initiative is a project motivated from the experiences of some Black Latinos and Latinas who have found that the color of their skin still plays a very important role in today’s society, not only in Latin America, but also in the rest of the world.

Our goals


To expose and investigate current issues of racism, discrimination and social injustice still present in Latin American societies, and explore how these have historically and contemporarily impacted the state of black communities in Latin American countries today.

To contribute to the social, academic and economic development and empowerment of the African Diaspora by providing marginalized and oppressed black Latino communities with opportunities to showcase and exercise their talents in any field, that can potentially lead their members to succeed both at a professional and interpersonal level.

To serve as a tool and a resource for Black Latino communities both in their home countries as well as abroad to reconnect with their racial heritage and identity by exploring both advantages and disadvantages of navigating any aspects of life as a minority in the society.

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