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ALE STEAM Summer Camp

The main goal of this project is to prepare a new generation of underrepresented scientists and engineers from disadvantage middle and high schools in Latin America, through a series of Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics (STEAM) research activities as well as social and cultural workshops, that will help develop the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen field both at a professional and interpersonal level, while embracing and reinforcing their racial and cultural identity.

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ALE Lecture Series

We argue that the invisibility of the history and cultural roots of Black communities in Latin America is directly tied to their progress and development rate. Hence, the lack of opportunities in social, academic, and economical avenues that we observe in these communities is an expected phenomenon. ALE has been built under the hypothesis that increasing the worldwide visibility and range of opportunities for development in any field, will help alleviate the current state of black communities in Latin America, and will help break some of the stereotypes that are currently believed as “truths”. Hence, the ALE lecture series have been designed to address the historical and contemporary state of these communities through education.

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